UIG - Universal Industrial Gases is a full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Employment and careers in the industrial gas industry. Jobs and positions for Universal Industrial Gases and Universal Cryo Gas - headquartered in Easton PA - operating world-wide

Employment and Career Opportunities
With UIG and UCG

Looking for Career Growth in Industrial Gases?  

Universal Industrial Gases is an international supplier of industrial gases production plants, related equipment and services. Its operating affiliate, Universal Cryo Gas, owns and operates nitrogen and oxygen production plants at user sites.  As growing businesses, both UIG and UCG are continually looking for additional qualified people possessing skills and knowledge applicable to a wide range of company activities.

The industrial gas business is a dynamic industry which provides a variety of equipment and services supply solutions related primarily to oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and compressed dry air; across an extremely wide range of industrial markets.  There are an extensive number of applications which require industrial gases in manufacturing industries including metals production, mining, chemicals and refining, pharmaceutical, glass, electronics, waste water, automotive, aviation, defense, heavy equipment, foods, and many more. This affords unique career opportunities within the industrial gas industry across a variety of roles.

UIG designs and builds new air separation plants and liquefier systems, nitrogen plants, oxygen plants and similar gas and liquid products facilities. UIG also relocates, reconditions and upgrades used nitrogen, oxygen and air separation plants.

Both UIG and UCG utilize a mix of in-house and specialized contract resources to support the full array of their activities in a cost-effective and highly responsive fashion. Activities include sales and marketing, proposal and project development, project management, process design, cold box design, plant layout, mechanical and civil design, electrical, controls and instrumentation design, procurement, construction, plant relocation and refurbishment, commissioning, start-up, and operations and maintenance of both UIG-owned, and customer-owned, plants.

Potential employees and contractors with a proven record of accomplishment in the industrial gas industry are urged to contact UIG / UCG regarding current staffing needs and opportunities. Technical and engineering program graduates interested in building a skill base in air separation technologies may be considered for entry-level engineering and technical support roles which will offer opportunities for career growth on a path defined by individual interests and demonstrated performance.

Our Head Office location is less that an hour and a half drive west from New York City or north from Philadelphia, in the Lehigh Valley, the third largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania, between Bethlehem and Easton.  Most of our employees operate out of our Head Office location. Exceptions include plant operations personnel assigned to particular operating locations. We work with specialized engineering services contractors, equipment suppliers, and providers of goods and services located in many parts of the United States and beyond. 


Consider Employment with UIG and UCG

We are a growing, relatively-small, but broad-based, industrial gases company.  We have a lean and flexible workforce, with fewer overheads and less inertia than our larger competitors.

We value depth and breadth of industrial gases industry experience.  We look for qualified people who are self-motivated and responsible, with good communications skills:

  • Each member of our key management team has more than 25 years of years of experience in the industrial gas industry  

  • Our sales, marketing, project development, project management, and operations and maintenance activities are led by in-house personnel

  • We value breadth of experience, which allows employees to "wear multiple hats" and to rapidly define optimal approaches to challenges

  • We value depth of experience, which leads to rapid and cost-effective selection and optimization of potential design and project execution approaches   

  • Some skills and resources which the company needs on a regular, but not full-time basis, are sourced on a contract basis.  Our contractor base includes individual contractors and companies which provide industry-specific design, construction, operations and maintenance support services.

  • Many of our current direct-hire employees began their UIG / UCG careers as contract personnel. 

  • It is the intention of UIG and UCG to continue to expand our full-time employee and skilled contactor resource bases to reflect growth in project workload, growth in our on-site product production and supply operations, and expanding customer plant support operations.  We will increase the number of full-time employees as justified by sustained and sustainable growth in business and project support activity levels. 

Whether you are seeking a full-time, direct-hire position, or you would like to contribute on an as-needed basis as an individual consultant/ contractor; if you have the background to effectively support the sale and installation of industrial gas plants, and their relocation, construction, start up, operation and maintenance, we would like to hear from you.  

Please send information on your background and your employment/ career objectives to our Career Center at the address shown below, attention "Employment"; or describe your background and career interests via email at


See our Job Postings page for information on positions which we are most interested in filling at this time.


Overview of UIG & UCG Functional Areas and Activities

Sales, marketing, project and proposal development start with understanding customer needs and priorities.   Process and detailed mechanical design personnel define specific equipment, control systems, electrical systems, and other details of plants UIG field personnel coordinate and supervise installation of new and refurbished industrial gas plants and disassembly of used plants Cryogenic air separation plants and liquefiers produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon as gases and liquid products for a wide range of industrial applications and for production of bulk liquid products Cryogenic nitrogen plants produce high purity product to support chemical manufacturing and other types of industial applications
Sales, Project Development and Project Management:
Home office sales and marketing personnel seek out and respond to opportunities for supplying industrial gases production plants, and for producing and supplying industrial gas products to users from company owned and operated on-site plants. 

Pre-contract activities include business development, project evaluation and proposal development.

In the earliest phases, sales and proposal development team members work with potential customers to define project-specific needs as well as customer desires and priorities. The team then considers various approaches to meeting the range of flow rates and operating conditions which have been identified; with the objective of defining an optimal combination of process cycle and physical equipment that will fully meet customer needs and do so cost effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Selection criteria include comparisons of equipment cost and installation costs, variations in performance and operating costs for primary and secondary scenarios, and compatibility with the required project schedule.

Proposal documentation is prepared to summarize the selected technical approach, the proposed project management strategy, and the proposed commercial terms associated with the sale of equipment and services, or the onsite sale of gas supply.

The makeup of a particular proposal / project development team reflects the type of project and its anticipated complexity and timing. Teams typically include the sales manager who has been working with the potential customer, plus, as required, process engineering and project engineering managers, and specialized design engineering, construction and other field services personnel. 

Following customer selection of UIG, the project manager has the primary responsibility for managing (and expediting) the final design, procurement, fabrication, quality inspection, equipment installation, commissioning, plant staff training, and startup activities which are included in the specific project scope. 

Process Design:
Process engineers develop an optimal design around customer requirements, including consideration of seasonal, and even daily and hourly variations in demand and operating conditions.  The design basis may be a standard plant, modified standard plant, or all-new design. The plant may consist of all new equipment; or it may utilize a combination of new and used plant components which will be refurbished and modified as needed to best meet the client's anticipated operating conditions as well as both timing and budgetary constraints.

Process engineering work products include process flow diagrams and heat and material balance analyses, process and instrumentation diagrams and equipment process specifications.

Initial design criteria and assumptions are reviewed as necessary, as more information is developed by both the customer and UIG.  The finalized process design basis is then transmitted to detailed design groups to develop mechanical design, procurement and fabrication specifications for items to be supplied by UIG. 

Mechanical Design:
UIG prepares equipment arrangement drawings, plot plans, and designs for vessels and piping, cold boxes, instrumentation, control systems, electrical systems, machinery, structures and foundations as required for each project.  Specialized engineering contractors supplement in-house staff as required.
Procurement, Fabrication and Upgrade:
UIG develops procurement packages and solicits bids from its network of qualified equipment, machinery, and materials suppliers, fabricators, construction and repair contractors. Bids are evaluated to ensure they are compliant with UIG standards and customer specifications, as well as required delivery dates, and with applicable local codes and approval requirements. After orders are placed, work is expedited, inspected and tested as necessary.
Relocation and upgrade of air separation plants is a UIG specialty Upgrading used equipment to provide new plant performance at reduced cost Moving plants thousands of miles is common for UIG The payoff - another UIG-supplied plant in operation
Construction, Commissioning and Startup:
Experienced UIG supervisors manage field activities from site preparation through equipment erection, mechanical completion, commissioning, checkout, operator training, and startup.  In the case of plant relocations, they also supervise and monitor dismantlement, transportation and refurbishment activities.

Field construction activities may be performed by UIG-supplied field forces or by qualified local contractors that have been selected and hired by plant purchasers. In either case, UIG provides on-site supervision and support for critical activities taking place during construction, commissioning and startup. 

After-services, Plant Operations and Maintenance:
UIG provides plant purchaser personnel with operations and maintenance training and other assistance, as required by their specific situation and needs.  UIG also provides ongoing operations and maintenance support services to plant owners wishing to outsource these activities in full, or wanting to provide local personnel with additional on-call resources when, and if, needed. 

UCG owned and operated onsite gas supply plant operations and maintenance staffing levels depend upon the type of plant, the complexity of the customer demand pattern and the impact of gas production plant outages on customer operations. An optimal mix of resources is defined for each production site. Each company owned and operated facility is supported by dedicated local plant operations and maintenance personnel plus on-call specialized equipment and services providers; all of whom are supported, in turn, by head office technical, operations, maintenance and procurement people.  

UIG also provides operations and maintenance services to owners of air separation equipment which was purchased elsewhere.  As with UCG owned and operated plants, the level of support will vary.  Where day-to-day operation is by owner personnel, UIG provides advice and assistance on an as-needed basis.  This can range from routine and on-request remote monitoring, coupled with operations and maintenance advice, to intensive, and extended on-site operations and maintenance support services. It can also include assessment of currently operating plants to define  potential upgrade or replacement options to best meet current and projected needs.  


"Tell us how you think you can contribute to UIG / UCG" 


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